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Dove Cameron Continues Filming Flashback Scene for 'Powerpuff Girls' Pilot in Old Costume

Dove Cameron is continuing to film scenes for the upcoming Powerpuff Girls pilot for The CW!

The 25-year-old actress was seen in her Bubbles costume while shooting a scene on Monday (April 12) in Atlanta, Ga.

The first photos from set were revealed last week and there was backlash on social media when fans saw the costumes the girls were wearing. Many commented that the costumes were very plain and that the fabric wrinkled so easily.

The CW has now released an official look at the costumes that the girls will really be wearing on the show and sources revealed the other photos, as well as these new ones, were for a flashback scene.

Make sure to watch Dove‘s new music video, in which she kisses a hot new guy!

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dove cameron powerpuff girls flashback scene 01
dove cameron powerpuff girls flashback scene 02
dove cameron powerpuff girls flashback scene 03
dove cameron powerpuff girls flashback scene 04
dove cameron powerpuff girls flashback scene 05

The CW Reveals ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Official Look, Sources Respond to Costumes in Paparazzi Photos

The first official promo pic for The CW’s upcoming The Powerpuff Girls has been revealed!

The series will star Chloe Bennet, Yana Perrault and Dove Cameron as Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, respectively.

Donald Faison, Nicholas Podany, and Robyn Lively will also be part of the series.

Find out who Robyn is playing here!

Based on the animated show, the CW series will flash forward to the girls’ lives as disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?

Dove Cameron as Bubbles, Chloe Bennet as Blossom and Yana Perrault as Buttercup

Just last week, Dove, Yana and Chloe were seen filming scenes in the iconic uniforms that were synonymous with the animated heroes.

However, according to sources, the characters only wear the costumes in flashbacks to their teenage years.

powerpuff girls cw series first official pic 01

First Photos From Live Action 'Powerpuff Girls' Set Show The Girls In Costume!

UPDATE! A source has explained why the costumes look like this!

The live action Powerpuff Girls pilot has kicked off filming!

Stars Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault and Chloe Bennet were all seen on set in their character’s signature colors on Wednesday (April 7) in Atlanta, Ga.

Also seen on set was Donald Faison, who plays Professor Drake Utonium, as well as Robyn Lively.

The upcoming pilot will follow “the trio, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, who used to be America’s pint-sized superheroes. Now they’re disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crimefighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?”

The director of the pilot, Maggie Kiley, took to Instagram to mark the first day of filming.

“day 1! ❤️🌸🛁💚🎥 #powerpuffgirls #powerpuff” she shared on Instagram.

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Dove recently teased what to expect from the pilot in a new interview. See what she said.

Check out the gallery for 55+ photos from the Powerpuff Girls set!

dove cameron chloe bennett yana perault get into character on first day of powerpuff 01
dove cameron chloe bennett yana perault get into character on first day of powerpuff 02
dove cameron chloe bennett yana perault get into character on first day of powerpuff 03
dove cameron chloe bennett yana perault get into character on first day of powerpuff 04
dove cameron chloe bennett yana perault get into character on first day of powerpuff 05

Dove Cameron Kisses Alexander 23 in 'LazyBaby' Video - Exclusive Details Revealed!

Dove Cameron just dropped the music video for her new single “LazyBaby” and make sure to watch until the very end for a special surprise!

In the final moments of the video, the 25-year-old singer and actress shares a kiss with a hot guy and that special someone happens to be musician Alexander 23.

Sources tell exclusively that Dove and Alexander are not officially a couple, but they’re seeing each other right now.

Alexander was actually cast as the love interest in Dove‘s video and they met for the first time on set,” the source told us. “They’ve been casually dating for the past month and a half, though it’s not official just yet.”

Dove Cameron and Alexander 23 kissing

“LazyBaby” is the follow-up to Dove‘s hit song “We Belong,” which was released last summer and has since become the biggest hit of her music career. You can download the new song now on iTunes and stream it below via YouTube.

Dove is currently filming the pilot for The CW’s newly announced live-action Powerpuff Girls series. She’s playing Bubbles!

Click inside to read the lyrics for the new song… More Here! »

Gossip Girl's Thomas Doherty & Model Yasmin Wijnaldum Pack on the PDA

Gossip Girl and High Fidelity star Thomas Doherty was seen packing on the PDA with model Yasmin Wijnaldum in New York City this week.

It’s unclear how long the 25-year-old actor and 22-year-old model have been dating at this point. On Wednesday (March 31), the pair were seen out to dinner in New York City where they looked extremely cozy, sharing kisses and engaging in PDA.

You can see the photos of the pair over at E! News.

Previously, Thomas was dating Dove Cameron. They had been dating for four years before breaking up in October of 2020. Dove released a statement in December of 2020 to announce the news and you can read that right here. Yasmin used to date G-Eazy and you can see some photos in the gallery below.

You can find out a little more about Yasmin right here.

thomas doherty yasmin wijnaldum 01
thomas doherty yasmin wijnaldum 02
thomas doherty yasmin wijnaldum 03
thomas doherty yasmin wijnaldum 04
thomas doherty yasmin wijnaldum 05

Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault & Chloe Bennet Are the Live-Action 'Powerpuff Girls'!

Get ready to see Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault and Chloe Bennet swinging into the action!

The three stars were just revealed as the live-action cast of The CW’s upcoming Powerpuff Girls series, Variety reported on Tuesday (March 9).

Chloe has been cast as Blossom, Dove has been cast as Bubbles, and Yana has been cast as Buttercup. This is a reunion for Dove and Chloe, who previously appeared together in the ABC-Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as enemies. Yana recently starred in Broadway‘s Jagged Little Pill.

Here’s more about the characters: “Blossom — though she was a spunky, conscientious, Little-Miss-Perfect child who holds several advanced degrees — has repressed kiddie-superhero trauma has left her feeling anxious and reclusive, and she aims to become a leader again, this time on her own terms.”

“Bubbles’ sweet-girl disposition won America’s hearts as a child. She still sparkles as an adult, but her charming exterior belies an unexpected toughness and wit. She’s initially more interested inrecapturing her fame than saving the world, but she just might surprise us and herself.”

“Buttercup was the rebellious badass of The Powerpuff Girls in its heyday. More sensitive than her tough exterior suggests, Buttercup has spent her adulthood trying to shed her Powerpuff Girl identity and live an anonymous life.”

Find out what else is coming to The CW!

Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty Break Up After Four Years Together

Dove Cameron has confirmed fans suspicions about her relationship with Thomas Doherty.

After dating for for four years, the 24-year-old actress revealed she and Thomas, 25, have split up. The two met while working on Disney’s Descendants 2.

Previously, she had been linked to Ryan McCartan.

“The decision was incredibly difficult, but we still have love for each other, and will remain friends,” Dove shared in a tweet. “Thank you for allowing us our privacy in this time.”

Dove and Thomas hadn’t been spotted out together in a while, and their last public sighting was in August from their trip to Utah during the pandemic.

Currently, Dove is working on her music and just released her new single, “We Belong”.

Thomas has been busy filming the first season of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot. Check out the latest pics from the set here!