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Jessica Alba Heads Home From Honest Company Offices After Filing For An IPO

Jessica Alba heads back to her car after a full work day at her company, The Honest Company, in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The -year-old actress and entrepreneur was seen in a chic blue suit with tennis shoes on, before switching it up to a more springy look on Friday (April 9). Each day, she coordinated her look to a new face mask.

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It was just announced that Jessica had filed for an IPO for The Honest Company, which means that she is now offering shares of the company to the public.

According to CNBC, The Honest Company’s revenue increased about 28% during 2020 due to the pandemic, and diapers and wipes accounted for about two-thirds of its sales.

The proceeds from the IPO will go to fund marketing and direct-to-consumer advertising, as well as launch new products and buy complementary businesses.

In a recent interview, Jessica got candid about starting her own business. Here’s what she said…

FYI: Jessica is wearing Vagabond Shoemakers shoes with the green outfit.

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25 Actors Who Regret Their Roles in Movies & TV

Not every actor likes to see themselves on screen – but some don’t even like to remember that they participated in a production altogether.

Over the years, many different stars have revealed in magazine interviews and through podcast and TV appearances that they don’t always love the movie and TV roles they took on in the past…even if the roles might be some of their most iconic and memorable works.

Sometimes, the stars have doubts about their performance. Or, they had poor experiences with their co-stars or directors. And in other cases, they just decided that the script wasn’t all that good looking back. In any case, they’ve all since come out and said they don’t necessarily love their appearances in certain films and TV shows.

If you’re interested in learning about other artists who don’t care for their own work, find out which musicians don’t like their own biggest hits.

Click through to see which actors reconsidered and regretted their roles years later…

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Jessica Alba Gets Candid About Building Her Honest Brand: 'It's F--king Impossible'

Jessica Alba is getting candid about her brand.

The 39-year-old Honest Company entrepreneur spoke out in the March 2021 issue of Romper.

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In the interview, she spoke about building her Honest empire.

“Building a brand and building a business is f–king impossible,” she said.

“And to be good at it and for it to thrive and scale, it is really hard. If anything, I was like, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ It took me three-and-a-half years just to find partners to even join me, and I got lots of rejection,” she admitted.

“I had to learn how to build decks. In every stage, I’m trying to get better and better as a business person, but it’s a totally different skill set than just taking your influence and fame and putting your name on a package and doing a press tour, picking out a couple designs. You know what I mean?”

“I think the difference in what I have done is I actually built something that never existed. We have chemists in house, regulatory teams, sourcing, supply, operations… It’s unprecedented in our category. We were the first, really, at scale to do it,” she went on to say.

Jessica Alba also spoke about quitting acting, and has also expressed regrets about specific past roles in her acting career.

Jessica Alba Explains Why She Stepped Away From Acting

Jessica Alba is opening up about her career change.

In a new interview with Romper, the 39-year-old actress and co-founder of The Honest Company explained why she decided to take a step back from acting after giving birth to her first daughter Honor back in 2008.

“My mother had cancer at a really young age. Many women in my family have passed from various different cancers, none of them genetic,” Jessica shared, adding that she also “grew up with chronic illness.”

“I had five surgeries before I was 11 years old,” Jessica revealed. “I had chronic allergies, and I was hospitalized a lot as a child. I had this real moment of, I want to live, and thrive, and spend as much time with this little person that I’m bringing into the world as possible and stay.

She added, “So, my health matters. I want this little person to be healthy. And it’s really freaking hard to be happy when you don’t have your health.”

Jessica said that focusing on her health and being a mom was the reason why she stepped away from her acting career.

“That’s really what motivated me,” Jessica said. “My motivation was not like, ‘Am I ever going to get hired again?’ Frankly, I was at the top of my career.”

After giving birth to Honor, Jessica realized she “couldn’t go back to what I was doing before and be authentic. I just couldn’t. I just didn’t care about it anymore the same way. It was something bigger.”

I felt like if I was going to, I guess, sort of get this platform, what can I do with it that could be meaningful and make a difference,” Jessica continued. “That reality just felt so real when I became a mom for the first time.”

In another recent interview, Jessica said that Honor was “mortified” when she found out this fact about her mom!

Jessica Alba Makes a Mid-Week Stop at Her Office

Jessica Alba holds her coffee while arriving at her office on Wednesday (February 24) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actress and entrepreneur wore an oversized blazer with a beige cardigan, black dress pants, and sneakers.

Jessica was likely working on her Honest business and she got a special shout-out from Halsey that day!

Halsey revealed that she has been using Honest Beauty while pregnant and it’s “saving” her skin.

“Thank you @honest_beauty @jessicaalba for saving my pregnant skin. Not an ad, just seriously the first thing I’ve tried that’s gentle enough for my face rn,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Halsey is using Honest Beauty’s Gentle Gel Cleanser, Hydrogel Cream, and Beauty Sleep Resurfacing Serum, according to People. They’re all on sale right now on Amazon!

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Jessica Alba Dances With Dad Mark While Revealing He Has Thyroid Cancer

Jessica Alba has revealed some heartbreaking news on social media this week.

The 39-year-old LA’s Finest actress announced that her father, Mark Alba, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and is entering radiation therapy to treat it.

While the news is sad, the video she posted to announce it, is not. In the fun video Jessica shared with fans, she is seen dancing with Mark to a popular song and style.

““My #papasito is about to SLAY #thyroidcancer -starting his radiation therapy mañana,” she captioned.

Mark‘s real estate company also shared the news about his cancer.

“Mark in particular has battled Covid-19 and thyroid cancer (the reason he’s showing off his new neck scar) in the past few months, with some radiation on the way soon for healing,” they shared. “He’s positive and feeling great right now. It takes a lot to keep Mark down.”

Just recently, Jessica opened up about how her daughter, Honor, was mortified to find out this…

Jessica Alba Says Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Honor Was 'Mortified' to Learn Her Mom Is Famous

Jessica Alba is talking fame as a mother.

The 39-year-old actress made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (January 15) with guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

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During her appearance, she spoke about addressing her fame with her daughters with Cash Warren, Honor Marie, 12, and Haven Garner, 9.

“They think I’m so cringey. They think I’m the most cringey mom, the definition of cringey. They actually said that I should use the hashtag #CringeyMom. I’m like, ‘That’s so mean! There are so many more cringey moms than me, guys!’ They’re like, ‘Even saying that, Mom, is cringey,’” she explained.

“For the first beginning of their life, they didn’t know that I was an actress. I remember when Honor was in like first grade, she was mortified and she came home and was like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me!’ She knew I was working at the Honest Company, that’s how they knew me,” she continued.

She also recalled Honor saying at the time, “‘You never told me you’d be in grocery stores and in Target!’ ”

“A friend had brought a magazine to school and put Honor on blast, and Honor was like ‘What is going on? Why are you on this magazine? What is happening here? So I had to break it to her that I was an actress and sometimes I do the magazines — and she felt so betrayed!”

Jessica Alba recently got candid about critics and their reviews.