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Saleka Night Shyamalan's 'Mr. Incredible' Music Video is a Family Affair & Empowers the Female Point of View Through Art (Exclusive)

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Saleka Night Shyamalan joined music and cinematic forces with her dad, famed director M. Night Shyamalan and her younger sister Ishana Night, for the video her new soulful and sultry single “Mr. Incredible.”

“The music video came together from a combination of inspiration,” 24-year-old Saleka shared with Just Jared. “My sister Ishana (who directed it), my dad (who produced it), and I were drawn to the idea of a woman whose partner is always half present- almost ghost like. I kept coming back to the image of this couple living in a house that is abandoned and falling apart around them. We ended up finding the perfect location. In our first visit to the house we brought a speaker and played the song as we walked through, and something clicked. While scary and unsettling, its structure was majestic and enticing, and there was beauty in the way it was falling apart- the faded colors and cracked mirrors, the textures of the wallpaper as it crumbled off the walls, the vines growing in through broken windows… It was a true visual embodiment of how I felt in that relationship, the coldness and loneliness coalescing with enchantment and potential. My attempt to create love and comfort and home that had been neglected. That house really oriented the whole video. The costumes drew from colors in the house, the scenes/shots and choreography were mapped out by the rooms and feelings of each space.” Watch the dark love story below!

Saleka – Mr. Incredible (Official Music Video)

“The idea of the doppelgängers came from a painting in my parent’s room,” added Saleka, who is a classically trained Indian-American musician.”There is a woman dancing, and a slightly more caricatured version of her doing the same movement behind her. This inspired the idea of having me split into different version of myself through the video that each become progressively less and less human looking, to represent the fragmentation of self. My sister and I grew up watching scary movies (not surprising probably), and it is something that always bonded us and sparked our creativity. We would read each other scary stories and make up our own as kids. This music video became a perfect amalgamation of our love of haunted houses and eerie things, and our passion for music, dance, and empowering the female point of view through art.”

Director and sister Ishana noted, “The house we shot in dictated most of our creative choices. From the moment we stepped into that dilapidated mansion, we could feel its history, its beauty, and it’s sadness. It was the perfect representation of the kind of relationship being talked about in ‘Mr. Incredible’. The broken stairs, the peeling paint, and the weariness of the structure all represent what it feels like to be in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner. I think the house inspired us all. From there, the visual choices seemed instinctual. When we put it all together in the space for the first time, the costumes, choreography, set pieces, the shots, there was undeniable alchemy. You could feel the house come alive – and it became a character of its own.”

“Writing songs is my way of processing and channeling emotions in moments of struggle,” Saleka also told Just Jared. “‘Mr. Incredible’ came from my desperation to communicate with and be close to a person who was unstable and always on the verge of leaving, and my internal breakdown that resulted from that tumultuous and unrequited love. Although it is told from one point of view, I wanted the song to speak to both sides of this relationship- what it feels like to try and get through to someone dealing with depression, and what it feels like to be unable to let someone in.”

Saleka added that the song is “about relationships and mental health, and their deep influence on one another. It is the story of a couple whose love is stifled by their inability to communicate. It is told through the voice of a woman who is trying desperately to reach and understand a partner who is constantly falling into depression and seems to always be slipping away from her. She is enamored by the little pieces of him she gathers, and intrigued by the way he sees the world, but he always keeps himself at a distance and loving him is like chasing a ghost. In trying to keep him close she instead ends up fragmenting her own self and mental health. The relationship is also represented through the idea of home. While our protagonist longs for a place of comfort and belonging, the inability to build on and nurture a connection leaves them in a space that is cold, empty, and falling apart egregiously around them. Just like their love, it is an abandoned skeleton of something beautiful that could have been.”

Saleka‘s father M. Night has said, “I’m super tough on my daughters. I demand a lot of them as artists and as people.” Demand he has, deliver they have!

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Bella Thorne Has A Bubble Bath In Her New 'Lonely' Music Video

Bella Thorne leaves little to imagination as she covers up with bubbles in her new music video for “Lonely”.

“The idea came from my own personal experience. When I am lonely and horny up late at night, I kept looking at my phone going on Instagram scrolling through different apps, really just wanting that attention from someone,” the -year-old actress shared about the inspiration behind the track.

Bella adds that she was “writing a lot of music at that time as well so I was always in the writing mode you could say. I just kept hearing ‘I only checked my phone when I’m lonely and horny, only check my phone…’ I was just like, man, I keep hearing this and I just had to go into the studio within the next few days to record it, because I just couldn’t get out of my head.”

The video shines a light on those who turn to their phones to deal with their loneliness.

Watch the full video below!

Just recently, one of Bella‘s exes called her out. Find out why here…

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Paris Jackson Gets Her Heart Pulled Out In Haunting 'Let Down' Music Video

Paris Jackson struggles with her demons in the music video for her brand new song, “Let Down”.

The 22-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson made her solo music debut after splitting from longtime boyfriend Gabriel Glenn earlier this year. The two had made up the group, The Soundflowers.

“I feel so many emotions,” Paris shared with People magazine about the new song. “I’m excited. I’m nervous [but] mostly grateful and happy.”

She added, “The freedom to create [and] not be told what to sing and how to sing it [or] what to write is awesome. It’s a gift. It’s a blessing.”

In the haunting music video, Paris is seen dancing a classic waltz with a love interest, who turns out to be very toxic for her, and ends up doing something unspeakable.

Watch the full video below!

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Shia LaBeouf & Margaret Qualley Bare It All in Her Sister Rainsford's New Short Film

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley are baring it all in the new NSFW short film for her older sister Rainsford‘s new single “Love Me Like You Hate Me.”

The video begins with the two actors wearing nothing while in bed together and we see it all. The video also ends with them in their birthday suits for a shower scene.

Press notes for the song say that the “10-minute split-screen film portrays the tenderness and toxicity of a relationship, presented from the dual, and at times conflicting, perspectives of a couple. With a gently disorientating structure, the piece builds towards an open-ended resolution that loops back on itself, returning us to where we began.”

The video was produced with Shia’s long-time art collaborator, British artist Luke Turner, and choreographed by LA-based dance duo JA Collective, featuring cinematography by Natasha Braier.

“Please watch it. It’s filled with love and pain and tenderness and rage and real pieces of my heart,” Rainsford said in a statement.

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Ariana Grande Is the President in Her 'Positions' Music Video - Watch Now!

Ariana Grande has dropped her new single “Positions” and the music video sees her becoming the President of the United States!

The full video takes place in the White House, with Ariana in the Oval Office, in a meeting with her cabinet (which included her mom Joan!), in the kitchen making some treats after hours, in the presidential bedroom suite, and finally walking her dogs on the lawn.

The video was directed by Dave Meyers, who previously worked with Ariana for her “No Tears Left to Cry,” “God is a Woman,” “The Light is Coming,” and “Beauty and the Beast” videos.

“Positions” is the first single from Ariana‘s new album, which is expected to have the same name and be released next Friday!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the video for Ariana Grande’s “Positions”?

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Tony Nominee Kathryn Gallagher Drops Music Video for 'Crosslegged in the Kitchen,' Which She Filmed Herself!

It’s a big week for Kathryn Gallagher!

The 27-year-old Broadway actress and singer received her first-ever Tony nomination on Thursday (October 15) and hours later, she dropped the music video for her new song “Crosslegged in the Kitchen.”

Kathryn is nominated for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical for her work in the show Jagged Little Pill.

“For the last three years I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the finest artists I could have ever dreamed of making a show with and that in and of itself has felt like winning the lottery,” Kathryn wrote on Instagram. “I feel so grateful to @thewing for creating a moment to celebrate this incredible community in such turbulent and trying times and to include me in this insanely gifted group of artists feels really magical. This is a very cool feeling I didn’t think I would ever feel and I’m just really grateful you all wanted to see our play and I can’t wait until broadway is back at it.”

Kathryn has been very active in supporting the Biden/Harris campaign and she ended her message by saying, “vote blue please ❤️.”

Kathryn wrote on YouTube that the video was “filmed by Kathryn on a ring light sitting crosslegged in her kitchen late one Monday night.” Watch below!

Justin Bieber's New Song 'Lonely' - Read Lyrics & Watch Video Starring Jacob Tremblay!

Justin Bieber has released the music video for his brand new song “Lonely” and it features the talented young actor Jacob Tremblay playing a younger version of the singer!

The video finds Jacob dressed as Justin from his Never Say Never days while backstage in a theater. He then walks onto an empty stage with current-day Justin being the only one sitting in the audience.

Benny Blanco, who made the song with Justin, also has a cameo in the video.

“What if you had it all but nobody to call? / Maybe then you’d know me / ‘Cause I’ve had everything / But no one’s listening / And that’s just f–king lonely,” Justin sings in the pre-chorus.

Justin is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend and there’s a good chance that he’ll perform this new song!

You can download the track on iTunes and stream below via the music video.

Click inside to read the lyrics for the new song… More Here! »

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