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Netflix Cancelled All These TV Shows After Just One Season

Netflix has cancelled a handful of original television content after just one season on the air.

In March of 2020 alone, the streaming service cancelled four new shows that had only been given one season! In June of 2020, two more shows joined this ever-growing list. In August of 2020, this list grew even further and this time, shows that had been renewed were actually given the axe. Now, we’re in the fall and the list just keeps on growing.

Some of the shows were total fan favorites, but some were not as well received.

When Netflix cancels a television show after just one season, it usually indicates that the ratings were just not where they needed to be to justify another season. Netflix doesn’t often release viewership data, but when they do, it’s usually for programs that are very successful.

Click through the slideshow to see all the shows Netflix has cancelled after just one season on the streaming service…

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Gets Final Season Trailer - Watch Now

The trailer for the final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has arrived!

Here’s a synopsis: The Eldritch Terrors will descend upon Greendale. The coven must fight each terrifying threat one-by-one (The Weird, The Returned, The Darkness to name a few), all leading up to…The Void, which is the End of All Things. As the witches wage war, with the help of The Fright Club, Nick begins to slowly earn his way back into Sabrina’s heart, but will it be too late?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stars Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson, Gavin Leatherwood, Luke Cook, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Abigail Cowen and Richard Coyle.

Part Four premieres on Netflix on New Year’s Eve (December 31)!

chilling adventures of sabrina part 4 trailer teases scariest season yet 01
chilling adventures of sabrina part 4 trailer teases scariest season yet 02
chilling adventures of sabrina part 4 trailer teases scariest season yet 03
chilling adventures of sabrina part 4 trailer teases scariest season yet 04
chilling adventures of sabrina part 4 trailer teases scariest season yet 05

'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix Soon - Here's Where to Stream Instead

We’re here to gently remind everyone that the beloved Steve Carell-led comedy The Office is leaving Netflix on December 31, 2020.

The hit NBC show, which ran on the network from 2005-2013, quickly became one of Netflix’s most-streamed shows on the streaming service once it arrived years ago.

Netflix first announced the news back in 2019, saying, “We’re sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform — but members can binge watch the show to their hearts’ content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021.”

You will be able to stream the show on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, in 2021. Are you sad to see The Office leaving Netflix? Sound off in the comments!

Find out what other hit movies and television shows Netflix will be removing throughout the month of December.

Dua Lipa, The Killers, & More Star in 'Song Exploder' Season Two Trailer - Watch!

The season two trailer for Netflix’s Song Exploder has been released!

The new four episodes will all be hosted Hrishikesh Hirway, who created the popular podcast the series is based on.

This season Dua Lipa, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, and Natalia Lafourcade will all be discussing some of their biggest hits.

In the first episode of Song Exploder, Dua talks the making of her hit “Love Again” from her latest album Future Nostalgia, while in the second episode The Killers break down their rock anthem “When You Were Young,”

“To have all four people be so in-tuned, to tap into the universe for a second — it’s magic,” The Killers lead singer and frontman Brandon Flowers says in the trailer.

Song Exploder season two will premiere on December 15 – check out the trailer now!

Melissa McCarthy & Husband Ben Falcone to Star In & Executive Produce Netflix Comedy Series 'God's Favorite Idiot'

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are teaming up for a new Netflix comedy series!

The married duo will be starring in and executive producing the workplace comedy God’s Favorite Idiot, which has already been given a 16-episode order, Deadline reports. Ben also created the series.

Here’s the show’s synopsis: “God’s Favorite Idiot follows Clark Thompson (Falcone), a midlevel tech-support employee who finds love with co-worker Amily Luck (McCarthy) at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of God. Also, there’s rollerskating, a lake of fire and an impending apocalypse.”

This will be Melissa and Ben‘s sixth project together. They executive produced and appeared in the comedy series Nobodies along with Bridesmaids, Tammy, The Boss, and Life of the Party.

If you missed it, Melissa recently revealed that Ben has a big crush on this singer!

Here's What's Happening With Elliot Page's 'Umbrella Academy' Role Now

Elliot Page bravely came out as transgender on Tuesday (December 1), and now fans are wondering about the actor’s role in the popular Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy.

According to a new report from Variety, nothing’s going to change.

“Vanya is a cisgender woman whose superpower involves unleashing force through the use of sound. There are no plans to change the character’s gender, insiders told Variety,” the outlet reported.

Elliot “will continue to play the role of Vanya Hargreeves.”

Already, there are some major changes happening across social media and online: Elliot‘s credited name has been updated on The Umbrella Academy’s IMDB page.

Netflix is also in the process of updating Elliot‘s name in the metadata across all titles, according to the report.

“Trans actors can and do play both trans and cisgender characters. I’m sure Elliot will continue to be brilliant in Umbrella Academy and many different types of roles in the future,” GLAAD’s Nick Adams said in a statement to the outlet.

All of these celebrities have voiced their support for Elliot Page.

Netflix & 'Umbrella Academy' Support Elliot Page After He Comes Out as Transgender

The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page is receiving so much support after coming out as transgender.

After Elliot posted a statement coming out as trans, Netflix and The Umbrella Academy quickly responded with support.

Elliot has starred on The Umbrella Academy for the first two seasons and will be returning for a third season. It’s unclear when the third season will debut, but it is hoped the show will return in 2021! The show is one of Netflix’s most popular.