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Alden Ehrenreich's 'Brave New World' Will Premiere When Peacock Launches - First Look!

The upcoming series Brave New World has been given a premiere date – July 15!

The new series stars Solo‘s Alden Ehrenreich and is based on the groundbreaking novel by Aldous Huxley.

Brave New World imagines a utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family, and history itself. As citizens of New London, Bernard Marx (Harry Lloyd) and Lenina Crowne (Jessica Brown Findlay) embark on a vacation to the Savage Lands, where they become embroiled in a harrowing and violent rebellion. Bernard and Lenina are rescued by John the Savage (Ehrenreich), who escapes with them back to New London. John’s arrival in the New World soon threatens to disrupt its utopian harmony, leaving Bernard and Lenina to grapple with the repercussions.

Also starring in the series are Demi Moore, Kylie Bunbury, Hannah John-Kamen, Sen Mitsuji, Joseph Morgan, and Nina Sosanya.

The upcoming series will premiere on the streaming service Peacock when it launches on July 15.

Get more details on Peacock and who currently has access to the service.

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Demi Moore's Daughter Tallulah Speaks About Nearly Three-Year Fall Out with Her Mom

Demi Moore‘s daughter Tallulah is speaking out about a three-year estrangement that resulted from a 2012 overdose while she struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Tallulah took to her Instagram to speak about the estrangement on Mother’s Day, and the two are on wonderful terms today.

“I didn’t talk to my mom for almost 3 years and during that shattered time this day would transport me from fragmented pieces to absolute dust. I remember tearing up driving to work upon hearing a radio ad that cheerily recommend which ‘perfume Mom would absolutely adore’. I digested the entire celebratory nature of the day as an insensitive slight to MY pain and MY story,” Tallulah posted. “However, my story changed. Through a metamorphosis of inward self reflection and a malleability to forgive, 3 years did not stretch to forever. The gratitude of that truth has never lost its potency.”

“I am magnetically transfixed by my mother, if you know me personally you know the magnitude of her presence in my life. I often wonder what kind of connection could be formed were I to meet the 26 year old Demi. I think we’d have a lot of laughter. The kind where you are silent and doubled over and gasping for a sliver of air,” Tallulah continued. “The here and now is a day that started with a running hug to my maternal deity and a sloppy cheek kiss. I revel in all that you are @demimoore and all that you continue to teach me. I witness what this day means for you, and where you came from. Every nook and cranny of you is worthy and gilded. I love you.”

See which members of the family are quarantining together!

Bruce Willis & Ex Demi Moore Dance Their Way Through Quarantine

Bruce Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore just had a fun quarantine dance session!

“Act like you like each other,” said their oldest daughter Rumer, 31, as she kicked off the video that she posted on Instagram.

Bruce, 65, and Demi, 57, can be seen wearing matching black overalls/jumpsuits, acting silly and dancing up a storm.

The former couple is currently quarantining with Rumer and their two other daughters, Scout, 28 and Tallulah, 26, in the home they all used to live in together in Idaho. However, Bruce‘s current wife, Emma Heming, is still in Los Angeles with their two young children, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

“I think doing little things, like taking those moments to do thoughtful meditation, any kind of writing, to get the emotions out and not stuff down your feelings of fear or frustration [is good],” Demi recently expressed about self-isolation. “Exercising and letting go. We each have our own journey, and we don’t know what that is for someone else.”

Swipe through the Bruce and Demi dancing videos below!

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Update: This is where we are at…

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Bruce Willis' Daughter Reveals Why His Wife Isn't Quarantining With Them

Bruce Willis is currently quarantining with his ex wife Demi Moore and their three kids Rumer, 31, Scout, 28 and Tallulah, 26 in the home they all used to live in together in Idaho. However, Bruce‘s current wife, Emma Heming, is still in Los Angeles with their two young children, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

Scout made an appearance on the Dopey Podcast and explained the situation.

Scout said, “It’s actually been really cool. My stepmom was supposed to come up here with my little sisters but my younger sister, who is now about to be [6] years old, at a park, had never gotten the talk about not f-cking with hypothermic needles that she found so she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and poked her foot.”

“So my stepmom had to be in LA waiting to get the results from taking her to the doctor so my dad came up here and then travel got crazy so my stepmom stayed in LA with my little sisters,” Scout added.

“It’s been really funny to have both of my parents in the house where they raised us, which has been really cute. They’re both such nerdy, adorable, 90s parents in a small town where they chose to have their kids and not be in LA. It’s been pretty cute,” she continued. “It’s some divine timing too, of getting this much time to hang out with them.”

Find out how fans initially found out Emma and Bruce were quarantining separately.

Bruce Willis Is Quarantining with Ex Wife Demi Moore & Here's Why His Wife Emma Heming Isn't With Them

A source is speaking out about Bruce Willis‘ relationship with his wife Emma Heming after it was discovered that they are not quarantining together.

Bruce, 65, is currently with his ex-wife Demi Moore, 57, and their daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26,

Emma is currently with Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5, — have been staying at their Los Angeles area home.

Demi and Emma are close, and all three get on great as a big blended family. There are no issues at all. Emma needed to stay in L.A. with the young kids,” a family source told People.

Demi and Bruce have been best friends for years. They are very close,” the source added about the exes, who were married for 13 years.

Find out how fans realized that Emma and Bruce were not quarantining together.

Bruce Willis' Wife's Comment on His Quarantine Photo with Demi Moore Has Some Fans Confused

Fans are noticing the comment that Bruce Willis‘ wife Emma Heming left on the photo Demi Moore posted of her whole family quarantining together.

Bruce and his ex wife Demi are quarantining with their three adult children.

Demi captioned the post, “Family bonding” Well, Emma commented on the post, and seemed to confirm she is not with them, writing, “[Family bonding] at its finest … love and miss you guys.”

Fans are now wondering why Bruce is seemingly not quarantined with his wife and two daughters.

Bruce and Emma have been married over 10 years and have two daughters together: Evelyn and Mabel.

See the comment exchange in the gallery…

emma heming comment 01
emma heming comment 02

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore Are Quarantining Together - In Matching Pajamas!

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are spending time together during the quarantine!

The formerly married couple wore matching green-striped pajamas while hanging out with their kids – Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26 – at home.

Demi and Bruce were married from 1987 until they got divorced in 2000. He is currently married to Emma Heming and they are parents to two daughters – Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

Tallulah shared the photo on her Instagram account and captioned it, “Chaotic neutral.” Also pictured in the photo are Scout and Tallulah‘s boyfriend, film director Dillon Buss.

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