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Rachel Bilson Apologizes to Former 'The O.C.' Co-Star Over Her Past Behavior

Rachel Bilson is making amends for her behavior on set of The O.C.

During the latest episode of her Welcome to the O.C. Bitches podcast, the 39-year-old actress and her co-host Melinda Clarke – who also appeared on The O.C., chatted with their former co-star Tate Donovan.

If you forgot, Tate‘s character Jimmy Cooper was at one point married to Melinda‘s character Julie, and they shared two daughters – Marissa (Mischa Barton) and Kaitlin (Shailene Woodley in the early seasons and Willa Holland in seasons 3 and 4.)

In season three of The O.C., Tate directed an episode, and years later, admitted that it was “tough” directing the young cast.

“They just didn’t want to be doing the show anymore,” Tate shared with Vulture in 2013. “It was pretty tough; they were very tough to work with…But you know how it is with young actors — and I know because I was one of them once. When you achieve a certain amount of success, you want to be doing something else.”

During the podcast, Rachel apologized to Tate for her and the other cast members being “little a–holes.”

“I hope I wasn’t as bad as it’s come off. I hope I wasn’t — because I really, you know, you get influenced, I’d say, by your surroundings,” Rachel said.

She also added that Tate was “such a wonderful director and amazing human and all of it.” “So if I ever added to any of the a–hole-ness, I want to apologize on record.”

Tate accepted Rachel‘s apology, saying that she was a “total sweetheart” back then.

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Mischa Barton Tells Her Side of the Story, Reveals Why She Wanted to Leave 'The O.C.' & the Details Surrounding Her Exit

Mischa Barton starred in the first three seasons of The O.C. ahead of when her character, Marissa Cooper, was killed off in the season three finale.

Now, the 35-year-old actress is speaking out about her decision to leave the show in an extensive and candid interview.

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'The O.C.' Creator Reveals Which Actors Almost Were Cast as Ryan & Marissa

The creator of The O.C. is sharing some new details about the hit teen drama!

This week, former The O.C. co-stars Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke, who played Summer Roberts and Julie Cooper respectively, launched their brand new podcast, Welcome to The O.C., Bitches.

On the podcast’s first episode, the ladies were joined by the show’s creator Josh Schwartz.

During their conversation, Josh talked about the show’s casting process, revealing that Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton weren’t the top choices to play Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper, before sharing which other actors were also up for those parts.

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Rachel Bilson Reveals Where Summer Would Be Today

Rachel Bilson is possibly best known for her role as Summer Roberts Cohen on the beloved series The O.C. and now she’s opening up about where she thinks the character would be today.

“People always ask me that and I’m like, ‘What was she doing when we ended?’” the 35-year-old actress told E! News. “I can’t even remember; it was so long ago. I’m sure she has kids with Seth. I don’t know! She’s on the beach.”

Rachel, who is currently appearing on the CMT series Nashville, also opened up about the possibility of reprising Summer in a The O.C. revival.

“I’m always open to things,” Rachel said. “I don’t know what it would look like with our characters being old now. We were riding skateboards on the pier; I don’t know what they do now as 30-year-olds. But it would be nice to see everybody again.”

Ben McKenzie Hopes for an 'O.C.' Reunion with Adam Brody!

Ben McKenzie is opening up about his hopes to have The O.C. cast reunite for a project and he really wants to get together with his old co-star Adam Brody.

The 36-year-old actor chatted with E! News about possibly doing some sort of an on-screen reunion.

“I don’t know,” Ben said. “I saw Adam recently, and you know, I hope so. He’s a great guy.”

“If Ryan and Seth are not the best bromance of all time, I’m gonna need to talk to the editor…” Ben joked about having his character being included in a “Best TV Bromances of All Time” feature.