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Jennifer Lopez Reacts to Critics Who Say Her Super Bowl Show Was 'Too Sexy'

Jennifer Lopez is speaking out in response to people who are criticizing her and Shakira‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show for being “too sexy.”

The 50-year-old entertainer gave one of the best halftime show performances of all time, but there were some negative people tried to tear down the performers.

“I think that’s honestly silliness,” JLo told Variety.

“Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do,” Jennifer said. “We [put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved. And that small faction of people who want to be negative about it, it’s not something I can even let in because it was such an amazing night. So many beautiful things came out of it.”

“The message of standing up for yourself, being a women. That’s what I want to pass on to little girls: You’re strong, you’re beautiful. Everything about you, be proud of it,” she said. “I’m very proud of the performance that night.”

WATCH NOW: Check out the full halftime show video right now!

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Jennifer Lopez Reacts to News That Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020 Is Most-Watched Haltime Show Ever

A Jennifer Lopez fan Twitter realized that JLo and Shakira‘s halftime show at the 2020 Super Bowl is the most-viewed on YouTube of any halftime show ever.

Recent halftime show performances include Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and more.

“@JLo and @Shakira’s Halftime Show vídeo has surpassed 85 MILLION views and it’s now the most watched Halftime Show of all time on Youtube,” the fan site posted and Jennifer then responded, “OMG crazy! What’s your favorite part?!”

This is an especially huge deal because Jennifer and Shakira‘s halftime show has only been uploaded for a few days. Congrats!

Find out how much of a song sales spike JLo and Shakira have experienced since they performed!

Jay-Z Explains Why He & Beyonce Sat During the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2020

Jay-Z is explaining why he stayed seated with his wife Beyonce at the Super Bowl during the National Anthem, which caused some mixed reactions and headlines.

The 50-year-old entrepreneur spoke out at a Q&A at Columbia University during a lecture on Tuesday night (February 4) in New York City.

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When he was asked if staying seated was “meant to convey a signal,” he said: “It actually wasn’t — sorry. I’d tell you … I’d say, ‘Yes, that’s what I’ve done.’ I think people know that about me,” he said.

“What happened was, we got there, we were sitting, and now the show’s about to start. My wife was with me and so she says to me, ‘I know this feeling right here.’ Like, she’s super-nervous because she’s performed at Super Bowls before. I haven’t. So we get there and we immediately jump into artist mode … now I’m really just looking at the show. Did the mic start? Was it too low to start? … I had to explain to them [that] as an artist, if you don’t feel the music, you can’t really reach that level,” he went on to explain.

“So the whole time we’re sitting there, we’re talking about the performance, and then right after that, Demi [Lovato] comes out and we’re talking about how beautiful she looked, and how she sounds and what she’s going through, and her life — for her to be on the stage, we were so proud of her. And then it finished and then my phone rang. And it was like, ‘You know you didn’t…’ I’m like, ‘What?’”

He also said he wouldn’t have planned to make a purposeful statement with his daughter, Blue Ivy, right there.

Blue [Ivy] was right next to us, we wouldn’t do that to Blue and put her in that position. And if anyone who knows Blue…if we told her we were going to do something like that, you would have seen her attacking me 100 times. She’s the kid that gets in the car and closes the door and says, ‘Are we there yet, daddy?’ So she would say, ‘What time? Are we doing it? Are we doing it now? It’s 7:05, daddy…it’s 7:06.’”

“I didn’t have to make a silent protest…if you look at the stage and the artists that we chose — Columbian [Shakira] and Puerto Rican J.Lo — we were making the loudest statement…and we had…a commercial running [on] social injustice during the Super Bowl … Given the context, I didn’t have to make a silent protest.”

Jennifer Lopez made it clear that she was sending a message with her performance. Here’s what she said…

Jennifer Lopez Comments on Kids in Cages After Poignant Super Bowl Moment

Jennifer Lopez is speaking out about one of the most powerful moments of her Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Near the end of the show, Jennifer‘s 11-year-old daughter Emme sang “Let’s Get Loud” while sitting in a circular cage and other children were also seen in the cages. This represented what is happening at the border, where people, including many children, have been held in cages.

“All I want my girls, the little girls on stage with me and all over the world to know is how to use their voices and be proud of everything they are. Other people can try to build walls, keep us out or put us in cages. We are proud to recognize that all of us together are what makes this beautiful country truly great,” Jennifer said.

Emme also sang “Born in the USA” while standing next to her mom, who held up the flag for Puerto Rico – which is a United States territory!

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Super Bowl 2020 Was Watched By Over 100 Million People!

The 2020 Super Bowl drew in 102 million total viewers across Fox and all its platforms, Variety reports.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers in a close game up until the fourth quarter when the Chiefs pulled off a 31-20 victory.

The ratings are up from last year’s Patriots vs Rams game, which drew in 98.2 million viewers.

After the Super Bowl, The Masked Singer premiered its brand new season to 23.7 million total viewers. If you missed it, check out our best guesses for all the masked contestants this season!

Demi Lovato is All Smiles After Wowing Fans with National Anthem at Super Bowl 2020!

Demi Lovato is celebrating her big night!

The 27-year-old singer is all smiles as she heads out after the 2020 Super Bowl on Sunday evening (February 2) at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Fla.

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Demi kept things cool and casual in a black coat over a white tank shirt paired with baggy jeans as she left the game.

Earlier that night, Demi gave an incredible performance of The National Anthem before kickoff.

If you missed it, Demi recently opened up about coming out as sexually fluid to her parents.

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