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Home Workouts on Instagram That Are 100% Free - Minimal Equipment Required!

Home Workouts on Instagram That Are 100% Free - Minimal Equipment Required!

Gyms nationwide are closed for at least another month but you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to stay fit!

Below are 20 at-home workout accounts you should follow and a great first step toward getting in shape. The exercises are simple and short that even beginners can do them!

And if you’re worried that you’re old for this, we’ve got you covered. We’ve included a 74-year-old Canadian mother giving free workouts – she’s a bona fide fitness influencer!

The workouts need minimal equipment, but if you’re looking for something to use at home, we have a great list of available items that you can get to start a home gym.

Click inside to check out the Instagram workouts…

Check out the list of workouts below!


Maddie Lymburner is fitness, food and travel goals all wrapped up into one. Her home workouts are organized and clearly labeled from cardio abs to back & back biceps. There’s even a gem of a couples workout in there!

Amanda Bisk is a former Australian pole vaulter, so look no further for the perfect workouts. Her page is neatly organized with free workouts straight down the center of each row. You can also follow along on her app!

Victoria Grimes has the six pack we all strive for. Her at-home workouts are easy and fun but you may need some bands and light weights for a few of them! Pay attention dog lovers, you may get cameos from her adorable pet pooches Atlas and Otis!

Natacha Oceane is one gym shark you do not want to mess around with! Her workouts aren’t as clearly label as the other pages but her website offers everything from training guides and resistance bands to workout clothes and recipes.

Diana Mirgon offers anytime, anywhere workouts with little to no equipment needed. She’s a 48-year-old mom of three and proud of it! Follow along for her mind/body total wellness journey.

Joan MacDonald is a 74-year-old grandmother from Ontario, Canada and her bio says it all: “You can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again!” Her workouts are not only inspirational and motivating but will put a smile on your face!

Trainer Kaitlin provides hundreds of free workouts at your fingertips but be prepared with bosu balls, resistance bands and light weights! Not only is Kaitlin a personal trainer, she’s a mental health warrior as well. Beauty comes from the inside out!

Stephanie Derby has plenty of health, fitness and workout ideas to last you the rest of the month and more. Everything is cleary labeled for easy browsing!

Olivia Ostrom is one fit mama sharing her workout tips and tricks with the world. Follow along her journey as a new mom being healthy and staying in shape!

Sydney Torabi is not only a personal trainer, she’s a nutritionist and an ambassador for Underarmour and a CBD business. Her recent workouts are clearly labeled and easy to find!


Chris Nayna is a former critical car nurse turned fitness guru from Australia. Some of his workouts require rings, free weights and kettle bells but there are plenty of body weight work!

Fraser Wilson has amassed over 1 million followers and for good reason. His transformation is incredible! Fraser’s workouts are a little harder to find scrolling through his profile but a little swiping never hurt anybody!

Nick B posts daily home workouts that may require some free weights or resistance bands. Each video labels every exercise, so it’s a cinch to follow along!

If exercising isn’t your thing, Joe Yoon’s focus is on stretching. He even published a book about it called “Better Stretching” for greater flexibility, less pain, and enhanced performance.

Valeriu Gutu is a fitness development and sports performance specialist. His training style incorporates resistance training and high intensity interval workouts. It also doesn’t hurt that he represented the Eastern European country Moldova and ranked in the top ten at the Mister World 2014 Contest!

Nick Cheadle is an Australian fitness model and trainer that has consistently been posting home workout videos. He even incorporates common household items into his exercises like cannes goods, water jugs… and his pet pooch!

Jordan Morello was diagnosed with ADHD, tourretts and dyslexia at a very young age but found the motivation to share his passion of exercise and help others who may not yet see the greatness they have inside themselves. He has a variation of carousel video workouts and full-length IGTV videos.

James Stirling is the “London Fitness Guy” with a plethora of at-home body weight workouts. He’s also got an app with a 12-week program to help you burn fat, build muscle and boost fitness.

Dan Rockwell is an army vet and pro natural bodybuilder who posts free workout videos, shirtless pics and transformation photos of himself and clients. If you want to take things to the next level with Dan. you can sign up for his training and nutrition monthly subscription.

The FitBod app is completely free for bodyweight-only workouts during the pandemic (May 1 or even later as they monitor the situation). We’ve been using it for weeks and loving it. Spread the word!

Remember to be safe during your at-home workouts. Watch the video below for what NOT to do!

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